Kahori Maki

If you take a good look inside yourself while making a wink at reality, the world of nowhere will appear. The new world that Kahori Maki found in her atelier with only paper and pencil is now here.

size 78cm x 109cm
material paper, pencil
production year 2021
price ¥660,000 (tax included)
Size 78cm x 109cm
Material paper, pencil
Production Year 2021
Regular price
$4,958.00 (tax included)
Sale price
$4,958.00 (tax included)
Regular price


Q. Is it possible to hear a detailed explanation of the work?

A.Yes, I can. Please contact us using the inquiry form. We will reply to you by email within 3 business days.

Q. Is it possible to purchase or order works that are not listed on the works page?

A.Yes. It is possible. We also accept purchase consultations and custom-made requests for works that are not listed. Please contact us using the inquiry form.

Q. Can I have it framed?

A. Yes, we can discuss it. In that case, please note that you will be charged separately.

Kaori Maki
Kahori Maki