Kaori Maki Kahori Maki

Kaori Maki
Kaori Maki

Graphic artist living in Tokyo. Drawing flowers, plants, and creatures as motifs, he develops from a single picture to products, videos, and spatial presentations. In addition to his own creative activities, he has collaborated with many artists and companies in Japan and overseas. In 2018, he held a solo exhibition at Gulla JonsdottirAtelir/LA, and in 2019, he created a mural in San Diego.

A single picture makes you imagine a space, and words are spun from there. Works that express such sensory experiences in the form of textures are often used as murals in large-scale facilities. A series of drawings that are a complete departure from the traditional style of large shapes and bright colors, and which reveals changes in the artist's life. While setting the world view of "Alice in Wonderland" as the theme, I did not draw in the image of the story, but drew in response to the world that appeared when I moved my hand. When I used a printer to divide the pictures into A3 size pieces and put them together in a collage, a single picture emerged that even the artist himself could never have imagined. A new relationship is born in a group of drawings that seemed like pieces that don't fit together, and an unknown landscape appears. It makes us feel that if we keep moving our heads and bodies without going against the chaotic world, we will be able to create the world we aim for.

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