YUGEN Gallery is a gallery that mainly handles Japanese contemporary art, established in February 2022.

The name of the gallery, "YUGEN", is derived from the word "yugen," which is a word that expresses the unique Japanese sense of beauty. ”, and the desire to convey the appeal of Japanese art works to as many people as possible.

This gallery is planned as an "art platform" consisting of two parts: an "offline gallery" (Shibuya, Tokyo) where you can actually appreciate the works, and an "online gallery" operated on the Internet.

On this platform, in addition to promoting and promoting the works of contemporary Japanese artists and the artists themselves, the online gallery is multilingual in Japanese, English, and Chinese, providing global information. Work on dissemination and sales of works.

By supporting the activities of people involved in art, such as contemporary artists, curators, and gallerists, we will contribute to the development and promotion of contemporary art in Japan.