Founded in February 2022, YUGEN Gallery primarily features Japanese contemporary art.

The name YUGEN comes from the Japanese word yugen (幽玄), which is used to describe Japan's unique aesthetic sensibility and refers to qualities such as being subtle, profound, sublime, enchanting, magnificent and having delicate beauty. The name YUGEN Gallery was chosen from the desire to communicate the appeal of Japanese works of art with these qualities to as many people as possible.

YUGEN Gallery is designed as an art platform with two main parts: the offline gallery located in Shibuya, Tokyo, where artworks can be viewed in person, and the online gallery operated on the internet.

Japanese contemporary artists promote their artworks and themselves and conduct sales on this art platform. The online gallery also offers multilingual support in Japanese, English, and Chinese to facilitate communications and art sales worldwide.

YUGEN Gallery plays a supporting role in the activities of contemporary artists, curators, gallerists and others engaged in the world of art, and through this contributes to the development and promotion of Japanese contemporary art.