The new ``Canyon's'' series by photographer Atsushi Hiratsuka, who is attracting attention around the world. Set in Antelope Canyon in the United States, this work expresses the theme of the earth's inherent beauty and vitality. Printed on high-quality photographic paper using giclee printing, which is the cutting-edge printmaking technique of today, it is a discerning work that achieves a high-definition reproduction of the original image. In addition, if the environment is good, the quality can be maintained for more than 100 years, so you can enjoy the work for a long time. Available in 3 sizes and many sizes that are easy to decorate.

A0 B2 B3
Size 118.9 cm x 66.9 cm 72.8 cm x 40.5 cm 51.5 cm x 28.7 cm
Edition Number 1 3 5
Material giclee print
Production Year 2021
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Q. What is a Giclee Print?

A. Artwork produced using the latest reproduction technique called 'Giclee'. By reproducing the digital data of the original work on the highest quality Japanese paper with high definition and a wide color gamut, you can fully feel the deep shadows and shading of the original work. It is also characterized by its high preservability, and can maintain its quality for over 100 years in a favorable environment.


Atsushi Hiratsuka