Saori Kanda Saori Kanda

Saori Kanda
Saori Kanda

Born in Yamaguchi / Raised in Iraq & Dubai
Along with his strong admiration for Japan, he comes into contact with the aesthetic sense rooted in various lifestyles around the world.
An artist who expresses the way of life itself with the theme of "liberation of the joy of the soul" .
From 2020, she started a series of works with the themes of "Goddess Liberation" and "Eros Liberation". Started activities as a SelfLove activist.
Confronting "sex" as the source of life in the sense of life and death, and embodying the importance of loving oneself again in his works, he expresses himself through a wide range of methods, including photography, dance, painting, music, video, and poetry.

As a “dancing painter” who combines music, dance and painting, he draws on a large canvas with acrylic paints on the theme of “goddess liberation” and “eros liberation”. This is set because the artist himself recognized the existence of various personalities inside when he reconsidered himself as an artist and as a woman . After struggling with his uncontrollable self-image, including his aggressive and masculine side and soft and erotic side, he decided to live honestly with his soul. We believe that by being prepared to truly love the “life” given to you, not anyone else, you will develop deep self-confidence and bring healing energy to those around you. Her paintings, which combine figures such as women and dragons with abstractions drawn in pastel colors, radiate the radiance of life energy that lies beyond the balance between masculinity and femininity that everyone has within.


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