Saori Kanda Solo Exhibition

Saori Kanda Solo Exhibition "SEIMEISANKA - Self Love for World Peace"

2024.07.05(Fri) – 2024.07.15(Mon)

YUGEN Gallery will be holding Saori Kanda's solo exhibition "SEIMEISANKA - Self Love for World Peace" from Friday, July 5th to Monday, July 15th.

We live to share love



Saori Kanda is a contemporary artist whose work focuses on the theme of "liberation of the joy of the soul." As a "dancing artist" who combines her art and dance, he has participated in art festivals around the world, including in France, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, and India. He is also actively collaborating across genres with film directors, musicians, fashion designers, chefs, and architects. Last year, he had a successful solo exhibition in New York, USA, and her reputation around the world is only growing.




The motif is the harmony of the dragon and the goddess.


The theme that has emerged since around 2022 is "Harmony of the Dragon and the Goddess." The motif of the dragon is a symbol of masculinity, and the goddess is a symbol of femininity, and everyone has these two extremes hidden within their hearts. The exhibition "Hymn of Life - Self Love For World Peace" brings together works that aim to achieve harmony between the two extremes and express the life energy that surges forth from there. This will be the first solo exhibition at YUGEN Gallery in two years.

In the live painting for the exhibition "Self Love For World Peace" held in New York, Kanda performed abstract paintings in which large petals filled the world in a variety of colors, starting with red, which Kanda considers "the color of life," and blue, which he says "feels connected to the universe." Kanda's performance and works, which conveyed her vibrant spirit and the vitality of human beings, were highly praised locally.

This exhibition will feature approximately 15 new pieces, including works with dragon and goddess motifs, as well as live paintings that were highly praised in New York. The highlight is the white porcelain series, created with the cooperation of ceramic artists Hirotake Iida and Kaori Kawashima. These are Kanda's first three-dimensional works, in which he painted ceramic vases and large plates with lapis lazuli and gold paint. In addition, he will also present intricate drawings.

In addition to a live performance, the opening will feature the first screening of a documentary film that followed her solo exhibition in New York. This exhibition will also feature a limited edition collection of her Dragon and Goddess series, which is expressed using a variety of techniques. Saori Kanda's new challenge creates a time and space filled with the joy of life.






Delicacy and strength All of us

Happy, sad, feeling good All of us

Don't ignore any feelings I want you to feel it properly If I close my heart, I might feel better and won't get hurt But I can no longer feel "love"

To love yourself deeply To be kind to yourself no matter what Embracing both darkness and light

It takes courage, though. I gradually become more connected to my inner self. My heart is opening up more and more The rigid defenses are loosened and the honest voice of the soul is heard. The vitality comes out

Self-love is not the same as selfish

Self-love is returning to the source of love Remember that there is a source of love within you Overflowing with love If you share it with the person next to you, Soon love will spread throughout the world

As Einstein left us Love is the most precious, powerful and infinite energy in the universe.

Expressing overflowing joy with your whole body I want to share





Self-love becomes a vibration and spreads to the world

"These past two years have forced me to seriously consider what it means to live my life. From there, I have come to realize that my work is truly a reflection of my life, and it has become a time for me to learn to love myself more deeply."


For Kanda, a white canvas is "a place of healing where the soul rejoices." Everyone has their own sacred temple in their heart, and the white porcelain ware to be unveiled this time is inspired by the sacred objects offered there. Kanda says that her singing, dancing, and painting as a dance artist are "a way to return to one's own sacred space," and they awaken self-love, or the vitality of human beings.

"When harmony is created in music or colors, it transcends thought and brightens the heart. The image of the harmony between the masculine and feminine that we all possess is the color of the rainbow."

A dragon and a goddess dancing in a circle. The rainbow colors that bless them and paint the air. Saori Kanda's work depicts self-love overflowing from her heart as if it is raining down on the world, revealing that humans live to share love.

*This refers to a reference to the energy of love that Albert Einstein left behind in some 1,400 letters to his daughter Liesel Einstein.





Exhibition highlights

Photo: Yoshiyasu Shimo

*Please note that some of the exhibited works may be subject to change.

About SAORIKANDA's Birthday Celebration and Opening Ceremony

Photo: Jake Price

On July 6th, in addition to SAORIKANDA's birthday celebration, we will also be holding the opening ceremony "Self Love For World Peace".
The ceremony will feature live art performances and premiere screenings of NYC documentaries.
Reservations are not required, so we look forward to seeing you there.

*Due to performance production, admission may be restricted after the start time.
We ask for your understanding in advance. We recommend that you arrive with plenty of time to spare.

[New Moon] Solo Exhibition Opening Ceremony SAORIKANDA Birthday Party "An Ode to Life"


■ Schedule
16:00~ Opening
17:30-18:00 NYC solo exhibition documentary premiere
18:00-19:00 Live art performance 19:00-20:00 Chat time


■ Cooperation
July 6th Performance Music/Collaboration: CDHATA (Instagram @cd_hata )

Sacred artifacts and collaborative works: Hirotake Iida ( Instagram @iidahirotake )

Production cooperation: Kaori Kawashima (Instagram @qinghua_ci )

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At the same time as the exhibition, the works will be available to view and purchase on the YUGEN Gallery official online store.

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Saori Kanda


Contemporary artist. Her activities as a unique ceremony art performer "Odoreshi" that involves various expressions such as music, dance, clothing, fragrance, and food to satisfy the five senses have been highly evaluated as performing arts, and she has been invited to various parts of the world, including China, Europe, the United States, Kazakhstan, and India. In 2020, she started a series of works with the themes of "Goddess Blossoming" and "Holy Eros Liberation". Her works incorporate the importance of facing "sex" as the source of life in the view of life and death, and loving oneself again. She has collaborated with many companies, including NISSAN, Canon, and ALFA ROMEO. On Monday, May 27th, Akiko Nakashima & SAORIKANDA Concert "The garden of Goddess" Goddess' Paradise" will be held at Yutenji FJs in Tokyo. Instagram: @saori_an_jp


2024.7.5 (Fri) - 2024.7.15 (Mon)


YUGEN Gallery


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July 6th (Sat): 16:00-19:00
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Friday, July 5th: Exclusive preview by invitation only

July 6th (Sat) 16:00~: Opening Ceremony "Self Love For World Peace" *No reservations required

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*The preview on Friday, July 5th will be limited to invited guests only.

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