Masumi Iwakawa Masumi Iwakawa

Masumi Iwakawa
Masumi Iwakawa

painter. Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1985.
He started playing the saxophone at the age of 16 and entered music college, but dropped out. While studying jazz under Suetoshi Shimizu and pursuing musical activities, he began painting on his own. In 2013, he traveled to New York, USA, and held his first solo exhibition, "BIG BANG" IN THE EAR, in Manhattan. Moved base to Berlin, Germany in 2017. Returned to Japan in 2019. She is actively involved in activities such as holding live sessions with her husband, Hikaru Iwakawa, who is a quena player.


[2017] Germany, solo exhibition “Sonnensamen”

[2019] Hiroshima solo exhibition “Unconscious urge”

[2022] Hiroshima Solo exhibition “signifié”

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