Yuki Nishimoto is one of the artists currently attracting attention from around the world, with his work being used as visual images at global sporting events. He has become known for his dynamic brushwork and expressions with sports motifs, but he also works on classical motifs such as dragons and tigers as well as landscape paintings, and since 2016 he has been working on ceramic art, painting on ceramic boards. We are expanding the expressive realm of sumi-e by taking on the challenge of ``ceramic ink painting,'' which is a fusion of sumi-e.

This is a work with 3 ceramic plates .

《Work poem》

Just to move forward straight, let yourself be the crest of the wave.Even if your relationship is broken, even if the world rubs you, even if you are denied, ignored, and completely crushed, you must not disappear.Become the embodiment of wandering, become a noble swell, and move forward. Get out

Size 38cm x 70cm x 3.5cm
Material pottery, glaze
Production Year 2017
Regular price
$4,234.00 (tax included)
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$4,234.00 (tax included)
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