true hit blade

Yuki Nishimoto is one of the artists currently attracting attention from around the world, with his work being used as visual images at global sporting events. He has become known for his dynamic brushwork and expressions with sports motifs, but he also works on classical motifs such as dragons and tigers as well as landscape paintings, and since 2016 he has been working on ceramic art, painting on ceramic boards. We are expanding the expressive realm of sumi-e by taking on the challenge of ``ceramic ink painting,'' which is a fusion of sumi-e.

This is a work with 6 ceramic plates .

《Work poem》

Don't be afraid to face each other. There's something you can only understand when you clash with each other. The little things can make your heart beat wildly. You might hurt a friend with the blade you swing idly. You might put on a big show and show off your false pride. Your distorted pride might be exposed to the other person. You'll realize that it's the quiet strength of those around you that can save you from your weaknesses. Let's be grateful for being here and accept what is. The stage to take courage to protect someone is yet to come.

《Parental translation/story of poetry》

Being able to fight is because you have hope for the other person. The conflict between souls is about how far you can accept the other person, not about pushing them away. If you don't face the other person and fight with hurtful words, you are showing your weakness. Let's get into the other person's pocket. Let's indulge. Let's hit it with the intention of borrowing the chest. What is there may be contempt from the other person. It could be blasphemy from the other person. It may be jealousy from the other person. That's fine though. Let's be happy that he showed such honesty to himself. If you can accept someone for who they are, you are a strong person. If you are strong, you will receive power. You will gain the power to protect someone other than yourself. Only then can you be called a professional.

Size 78.5cm x 77.7cm x 3.5cm
Material pottery, glaze
Production Year 2021
Regular price
$11,761.00 (tax included)
Sale price
$11,761.00 (tax included)
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