[Yuki Nishimoto] Appearance on NHK BS Premium "Bi no Tsubo"

Yuki Nishimoto, a popular sumi-e artist, will appear in "Bi no Tsubo", which will be broadcast on NHK BS Premium at 7:30 pm on April 5 (Wednesday).

In the program, a variety of guests will talk about its charm under the theme of "rabbit". Yuki Nishimoto's new ink painting with a rabbit motif will also be on display, so don't miss it!

About the pot of beauty

NHK BS Premium "Beauty Pot" is produced with a unique perspective every time, with the theme of conveying the various "beauty" in our lives. In the episode aired on April 5, 2023, a variety of guests will appear under the theme of "a rabbit that bounces and is happy", and we will approach the charm of "rabbit" that has been popular in Japan since ancient times.

This time, Yuki Nishimoto will present a new ink painting with a "rabbit" motif for the program. Yuki Nishimoto breathes new life into familiar motifs with bold and innovative interpretations. Please look forward to the visual of "Rabbit" that you have never seen before.

■ Program name: Pot of beauty
■ Broadcasting station: NHK BS Premium
■ Broadcast time: April 5, 2023 (Wednesday) 7:30 pm
■ Theme: "Rabbit that Jumps and Calls Good Luck"
■ Starring: Masao Kusakari, Tae Kimura, Harue Satsuki (Professor, University of Kitakyushu) and others
■ Program homepage:

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