Yuki Nishimoto Solo Exhibition “Kamanosumi”

Yuki Nishimoto Solo Exhibition “Kamanosumi”

2023.08.04(Fri) – 2023.08.09(Wed)

YUGEN Gallery will hold Yuki Nishimoto's solo exhibition "Sukuminosumi" from August 4th (Friday) to August 9th (Wednesday), 2023.

"Samurai" drawn over 10 years

Yuki Nishimoto, an ink painting artist who continues to attract attention from around the world. Starting with the use of sumi-e paintings in the American trading card game “Magic: The Gathering”, which has 50 million users worldwide, he has performed live paintings at events for the Italian luxury sports car “Ferrari”. Active in 2023, such as the image art of the 15th Yamakasa Solaria, which is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Fukuoka Hakata Gion Yamakasa, and part of the venue decoration for the World Aquatics Championships 2023 Fukuoka. never stops.

In particular, the live painting at Art Basel Hong Kong 2023, which was attended by 177 exhibitors from 32 countries and regions, received high acclaim locally, and we look forward to further progress.

This exhibition "Sukuminosumi" focuses on the samurai that Nishimoto has been drawing since he started his career as an artist, and consists of 12 old and new works. We will express the identity of the Japanese people through the samurai, which can be said to be a symbol of integrity and fighting spirit.

Conflict of Fear and Courage

In May of last year, his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in three and a half years, “Flying Ink,” was held at YUGEN Gallery. About a year has passed since the last exhibition, in which you can fully feel the dynamism of living things, from classic motifs such as dragons and tigers to modern athletes. .

“I used to draw samurai because I was attracted to their coolness, but when I saw the actual armor and swords again, I started to feel fear. I want to express the courage to overcome

Nishimoto says that through kickboxing, which he started last year, he learned about the fear that comes with fighting. Although it was started as an exercise, it is said that the fear of confronting a human changed the way he looked at the samurai. He is also in charge of the main visuals for the Kinshūki National High School Judo Tournament and the Gyokuryūki National High School Kendo Tournament to be held in July 2023. At the timing when you feel the encounter with martial arts, the tension between humans can be said to be decided at the moment of teaming up.

“I’ve been drawing samurai for a long time, and after 10 years of painting, I am proud that I have finally built a foundation, and I feel that I can make a leap forward. I want to draw in a natural style that eliminates artificial lines.”

Although he feels that his technique has improved with experience and his expression has matured, he says that he has a sense of crisis that his fighting spirit has faded because he has become able to express himself delicately. Aiming for art, I pursued the expression of “one-shot game”, and after trying all kinds of painting methods, starting with oil painting, I arrived at Sumi-e. "Samurai" faces to recover the tension that cannot be reversed from the moment you put a stroke. It is worth noting that you can trace the transition of his brushwork over the past 10 years, from past works to new works written for this exhibition.

proof of life

Nishimoto feels fulfilled with the increased opportunities for live painting from this year. It seems that he reconfirmed the origin of his own creation.

“It takes physical strength to concentrate and write in front of people, and I once again felt that I had to have a stronger mind than that. I received energy from the people who came to the event.

Nishimoto says that since last year's solo exhibition, he has come to think more deeply about each piece, resulting in a smaller number of works. I have renewed my ambition that I will not be sorry if I do not approach the work at the best possible time and in perfect condition for the work that can be realized only with the people who support the production behind the scenes, such as the craftsmen who handle Echizen washi paper in Fukui, and the audience. Masu.

The conflict between fear and the courage to overcome it. It can be said that the essence of Nishimoto's sumi-e expression lies not only in live painting, but also in the fact that it condenses the very act of living in a single stroke.

A thread of tension stretched between spaces. Is it fear or courage to pull it off? There is a lively dynamism in the liberation of the mind and body that is in perfect order.

Works on display

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An original art book will be presented free of charge only to those who have answered the questionnaire form at the time of visit.
This is an original art book only for this exhibition, in which the exhibited works and the exhibition statement are compiled in one volume.

Yuki Nishimoto Solo Exhibition “Sukuminosumi” Art Book
Recording artist: Yuki Nishimoto
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Yuki Nishimoto

Born in 1988. Born in Kagoshima prefecture. Belongs to Geniet LLC.
In 2012, he won the World Best Work Award at "EMBRACING OUR DIFFERENCES" held in Florida, USA, where 5,300 works from 63 countries participated. Overseas live paintings include Hong Kong "OMEGA presents Ambassador Ball 2014 'Sustaining Time'" (2014), China "Hokka Peony Festival Opening Ceremony" (2016 * First Japanese to be invited by the Shanghai government), Art Basel Hong Kong (2023 year), etc. Since 2015, he has been working on "Tobokuga", a fusion of pottery and ink painting, in collaboration with the Echizen ware pottery, one of Japan's six oldest kilns. In 2018, he created a mural for the domestic terminal building at Fukuoka Airport. 2019 Advertising Award "2019 Clio Entertainment" 3 division winners. Collaboration T-shirt design of 2020 apparel brand <Champion> and judoka Shohei Ohno. 2021 Ministry of Defense "Defense White Paper" cover, background image of Sayuri Ishikawa "Tsugaru Straits Winter Scenery" at the 72nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, work adopted for the collaboration project "Godzilla Record Project" between Toho and Universal Music. In 2023, he will appear on NHK BS Premium "Bi no Tsubo".

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2023.08.04 (Fri ) - 2023.08.9 (Wed)


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