[Hidemi Ogata] Hidemi Ogata's photo exhibition "Yokozuna Hakuho" was covered and published in many media outlets.

From Saturday, September 30, 2023 Hidemi Ogata's photo exhibition ``Yokozuna Hakuho'', which will be held on October 5th (Thursday), has been featured in many media outlets.

The day before the event, former Hakuho player Master Miyagino visited YUGEN Gallery and talked about the exhibited works in front of reporters.

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Former Hakuho captain Miyagino visits the venue of the photo exhibition "Yokozuna Hakuho" "I hope you enjoy it" - Daily Sports

Former Hakuho captain Miyagino's photo exhibition will be held in Shibuya from October 30th to October 5th, ``Enjoy'' Super huge panels will also be installed on the wall - Sports Hochi

Approximately 20 photos tracing Hakuho's footsteps, including giant portraits, ``I hope you enjoy it'' photo exhibition in Shibuya starting on the 30th - Nikkan Sports

[YUGEN Gallery] Hidemi Ogata's photo exhibition "Yokozuna Hakuho" capturing the "sanctuary" of great yokozuna Hakuho <September 30th (Saturday) - October 5th (Thursday), 2023> - Jiji.com

"Yokozuna Hakuho" Feel the energy of a moment Photo exhibition of Mr. Ogata from Yamaga City in Shibuya, Tokyo until October 5 Master Miyagino "Thank you" - Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun *This article is for members only.

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