"Overflowing Colors," a group exhibition by five popular artists active in various fields, will be held at Nomadic Gallery in Omotesando from Friday, May 31, 2024!


[GEORGE HAYASHI] Works by popular contemporary artist GEORGE HAYASHI will be on permanent display at the most talked-about cocktail bar in the US, "Sip&Guzzle NYC"


[Nakamura Jouji] A solo exhibition by popular artist Nakamura Jouji, whose works exude sensuality and vitality and have been highly praised in Europe, will be held at THE FRIDGE ART GALLERY in New York, USA from Friday, May 3, 2024!


[kubomi] Solo exhibition to be held at IDÉE SHOP ROPPONGI in Roppongi Midtown from Friday, May 24, 2024!


[Echizen Natsuko] Exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2024, which will be held in Hong Kong from Thursday, May 16th, 2024!


[Atsushi Hiratsuka] Photographs of British racecourses by photographer Atsushi Hiratsuka, who has received a great response both in Japan and overseas, will be exhibited at BAR Yamazaki Bunko from Monday, April 22, 2024.


[Keita Minami] Keita Minami, a popular illustrator, won the Kazuyoshi Iino Award at the “MJ Award 2024”! Illustrations will be exhibited at the "MJ Award 2024 Winners Exhibition", a special exhibition selected by five legendary illustrators


Notice of Golden Week closure


[Notice] Notice of official start of operation of Xiao Hongsho (RED) official account


We will move to the Omotesando/Gaienmae area "KD Minami Aoyama Building" in April 2024.