Works exhibited at the group exhibition "KUROism - The world of tea ceremony as seen by contemporary artists."

Confetti container, capacity: 75g of 7mm small confetti for tea ceremony (approximately 60g for normal use), 100cc when used as a sake cup (for whiskey, brandy)

⚫︎Flask handmade from SUS304 material with a thickness of 1.6 to 2.0 mm.
Generally, flask materials are around 0.35 mm thick, and costs are reduced through weight reduction and mass production through press processing, but we have completely ignored this and incorporated our own unique approach.
The components are joined using argon welding, and the process is carried out by hand with hand tools to give the container its unique character, and it has a sense of weight and attention to detail that you wouldn't expect from a flask.
The leather is sewn using skin stitching by lapel bootmaker, who has a workshop in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture. This means that the stitching is done within the thickness of the leather, without the sewing thread being exposed on the surface. As a result, the stitching will become more prominent the more you use the bag, creating a unique character.
There are two leather pattern designs: EDO&YUMEKA and NUDA VELITAS&KURO ism.

Size W 7cm x D 2.7cm x H 12cm
Material Stainless steel, cowhide
Production Year 2024
Regular price
¥110,000 (tax included)
Sale price
¥110,000 (tax included)
Regular price
Edition Number 1


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