Spring Night

Works exhibited at the group exhibition "KUROism - The world of tea ceremony as seen by contemporary artists."

Capacity: 2-3L, special kettle ring, special handmade wooden box, inner surface mineral coating twice (evian), outer surface: zinc phosphate coating, camellia oil finish

⚫︎Kasagama is a pot inspired by the columnar joints of Tojinbo, a sacred spot in Fukui Prefecture that is considered one of the three most scenic spots in the world.
The lower part represents the rough waves of the Sea of ​​Japan and expresses the image of "columnar joints illuminated by a crescent moon on a spring night," as depicted in the story behind the origin of Tojinbo's name.
The word "joint" also means "reason," and the handle on the lid represents the way people live their lives.
Some people live long, safe lives, while others live bold and passionate lives even if it means their lives are shortened. Also, as can be seen from the various shapes of columnar joints, there are those who live short, thin lives or long, vibrant lives. This human drama is captured in the tea kettle as the moon shines on them from the dark night.

Size W 40cm x D 40cm x H 20cm
Material Iron, brass
Production Year 2024
Regular price
¥700,000 (tax included)
Sale price
¥700,000 (tax included)
Regular price
Edition Number 1


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