Koji Kato

Koji Kato
Koji Kato

Koji Kato / Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1994. Exchange student at Hongik University (Korea) in 2016. Graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Global Art Practice (GAP) in 2021. Awards include the Kimura Eriko Award, judge of the Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2021. He is currently the director of Dead End Studio (Chiba) and co-director of PARADISE AIR (Chiba). https://www.kojikato.info/

2019 Kanagawa・blanClass "Talking about my father may be talking about the world"

2021 Hiroshima, gallery G / THE POOL "For Whom We Fight "A-side" / "B-side""

2022: AI KOKO GALLERY, Tokyo "Real Imaginary Travelogue"

2023: AI KOKO GALLERY, Tokyo "Self-organized Retrospective: Remembering Once Again"

Hiroshima, Tamentai Gallery Tsurumicho Lab "How to Mark Time"

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