Noriko Doi

Noriko Doi
Noriko Doi

Doi Kiko / Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1997. Spent her childhood in Virginia, USA. Graduated from Hiroshima City University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Fine Arts, majoring in oil painting. Completed graduate school at the same university. Currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts at Hiroshima City University. Awards awarded include being selected for the 1st FEI PURO ART AWARD (2022) and CAAK - Corporate Art Aid Kyoto (2023). Instagram: @kiko_doi

2020 Kagawa・LePaul Awashima "Art Room Sea Room"

2021 Hiroshima, Gallery G Solo Exhibition "Imprinted Phenomena"

2022 Hiroshima Orizuru Tower WALL ART PROJECT


Hiroshima, Tamentai Gallery Tsurumicho Lab Print Exhibition "merry-go-round"

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