Works exhibited at the group exhibition "KUROism - The world of tea ceremony as seen by contemporary artists."

1 vase and hanging stand set
Vase: Zinc phosphate coating, Hanging base: Camellia oil finish

⚫︎A cone-shaped vase made from galvanized sheet, with patterns developed through aging.
The spiral shape used for the base is a symbolic form of the birth and evolution of the universe, and this work is based on the motif of the double helix of genes, which is the blueprint of life, with the base and vase representing sacred objects for the inheritance of life, the female and male genitalia, respectively.
The pistils and stamens of the flowers displayed there are linked to the nectar that creates the connection.
This work is imbued with the meaning of carrying life and continuing to form part of the universe.

Size W 9cm x D 6cm x H 72cm
Production Year 2024
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$357.00 (tax included)
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$357.00 (tax included)
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Edition Number 2


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