Works exhibited at the group exhibition "KUROism - The world of tea ceremony as seen by contemporary artists."

⚫︎ The quiet spring water source reveals a depression in the rock that has been eroded over the course of 8,000 years. This kettle has no legs, and the trivet supports it, fulfilling each other's functions. Hammered tortoiseshell-shaped handle and boar's-eye-shaped brass ring

⚫︎ Capacity: Approximately 2.5L, special kettle handle, special round trivet (special handmade wooden box), special handmade wooden box, inner mineral coating, outer zinc phosphate coating, camellia oil finish

Size W 22cm x D 20cm x H 20cm Trivet: W 15 cm x D 15 cm x H 8 cm
Material Iron, brass
Production Year 2024
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$4,870.00 (tax included)
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$4,870.00 (tax included)
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Edition Number 1


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