[Shinya Ishida] Shinya Ishida, a sculptural artist with numerous exhibitions both domestically and internationally, holds his first solo exhibition in Nagoya, “KNEADING THE TIME.”

Shinya Ishida's solo exhibition "KNEADING THE TIME" will be held at Gallery RIM in Nagoya from Saturday, February 3, 2024.

With the theme of "invisible power," Shinya Ishida creates three-dimensional works using junk and trash collected from the places he visits. This time, we will be exhibiting works created by ``KNEADING'' ``TIME''.

By incorporating waste materials that have lived in different environments and periods into a single sculpture, they are suddenly placed in the same environment and begin to walk through the same time. It is the act of kneading together the different times that each piece of waste material has passed through and making it take on a new path. While it may seem like a positive act in terms of regeneration, it can also be seen as a forced act that distorts the time it takes for it to disappear naturally. However, when I stand in front of the work, I feel that it is pointless to think about such thoughts, as it is just a ``present'' engraved with sculptures full of energy.

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[YUGEN Gallery] Shinya Ishida, a figurative artist with many exhibitions in Japan and abroad, holds his first solo exhibition in Nagoya, “KNEADING THE TIME” - PR TIMES

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