Vivienne Sato solo exhibition

Vivienne Sato solo exhibition "proof of absence"

2024.06.08(Sat) – 2024.06.17(Mon)

YUGEN Gallery will be holding Vivienne Sato's solo exhibition "proof of absence" from Saturday, June 8th to Monday, June 17th.


Imagining something that doesn't exist



Vivienne Sato, who is active across a range of fields including drag queens, "non-architects" who do not build buildings, film critics, and town revitalization projects across the country, presents an exhibition entitled "Proof of Absence."

As a contemporary artist, he has demonstrated his diverse talents through his two-dimensional works inspired by the Rorschach test used in psychoanalysis, three-dimensional works using headdresses, watercolor paintings such as "Portrait of You" that capture the aura of others through dialogue, and calligraphy that focuses on words and explores the relationship between art and words. In this exhibition, he also presents works that attempt to express "non-existence," or things that do not exist, using techniques that transcend dimensions.

Vivienne Sato advocates the concept of "unbuilt architecture," saying that architecture is not just about physical objects such as houses and buildings, but about a way of thinking. The underlying principle of her creations is "non-existence." He encourages the imagination to consider what exists here and now and what does not exist here.

For example, a place that cares for the socially vulnerable is not just a building to house people, but also a place of comfort and words. Values ​​are not fixed to gender, which is classified based on biological appearance. It makes us realize that our thoughts do not take shape in reality.

"When we question content and form in art, what do we see before our eyes? Is the mass production/contracting of infinite images of 'archetypes' and their 'repetitions' still a hell of a simulation, or is it a lukewarm breeding ground that we can only enjoy?"

Imagining what is difficult to see because it is visible to the eye. If art is the act of making the invisible visible, then the essence of Vivienne Sato's expressive acts can also be said to lie in making the visible invisible.






Pulling at the threads that are strung together


One of the highlights of this exhibition is the work that uses spider webs and other mesh motifs, which seems to be a homage to his own art.

"I have been making miniature paintings since I was a teenager, but this is similar to the white space phobia of Western painting, which tries to fill the canvas with images, and in fact it is a sensibility that is far removed from my current age. However, my past has made me who I am today, and without denying that, I want to give life to my past works from the present. At the same time, you could say that I am also influenced by the future. I believe that the past and the future run parallel to the present."

Various elements of the past are intertwined, frayed in places and knotted tightly, influencing the "shape" and tendencies of our present actions. It can be retold and redeemed at any time, like unraveling a thread, and at the same time, it can be said to shape the future. The work, which gives a sense of the time that is woven throughout our lives, will allow viewers to imagine the non-existent times of the past and future in the light of their own experiences.

Other exhibits include a three-dimensional frame containing a fragment of a page from one of the novelist Kafka's final works, a tarantula shell, and a work by Vivienne Sato that makes you feel as if you have wandered into a brothel through a peephole. The key to understanding these works is the sketch drawings. Sketch drawings reveal the process by which an artist puts into words the emotions and ideas that led them to create a work, then turns them into images and creates a rough sketch.

Vivienne Sato likens art appreciation to the mystery of suspense movies and dramas, and presents reference images, drawings, and texts as material for exploring the truth behind her own works. By presenting the artist's flow of thought leading up to the completion of the work, including ideas that were not adopted, visitors can feel the thrill of deciphering the work, making for a more multifaceted viewing experience.







Searching for thoughts independent of reality


"What I do, whether it's film criticism or town revitalization, is to measure and express things with a different yardstick. Imagine an object with a complex shape, and shine light on it from a different direction than it is currently shining on. Then a different shadow will appear. With that kind of feeling, I'm interested in how to change current values."

In all sorts of situations, there is a gap between our thoughts and reality, and we are left with vague doubts and anxieties. Vivienne Sato's techniques and expressions transcend dimensions. The accumulation of her delicate work is like a suspenseful treasure hunt that solves mysteries. He explores the location of thoughts that are independent of reality.








Exhibited works images

*Please note that some of the exhibited works may be subject to change.

Reception Party and Live Calligraphy


A reception party will be held from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 8th, the first day of the exhibition.


A live calligraphy performance by Vivienne Sato will be held from 6pm.

It is expected to be busy around the time the live calligraphy performance begins, so please make sure you arrive early.


Drinks will be provided for participants, so we look forward to seeing you there.

About Sponsorship



At the reception to be held on Saturday, June 8th, guests will be served Italian sparkling wine from the world-famous sparkling wine brand "BOTTEGA."


This sparkling wine has a clean, refreshing taste and the fresh fruitiness of the grapes fills your mouth, making it a gorgeous wine in both taste and appearance.

Please enjoy the artwork.

About "aura portrait"


Aura portraits will be held during the event.

This is a special time where Vivienne Sato, a drag queen, artist, writer, and film critic, will portray you and your aura.
Throughout the 20-minute session, we will depict a person's aura and energy.
Reservations are given priority, and this special offer is limited to 15 people per day.

Dates: Sunday, June 9th and Sunday, June 16th, 2024

One person per time slot


Participation fee: 3,300 yen (tax included) *Payment can only be made on the day of the event at the venue by credit card, transportation IC card, QUICKPay, or iD.

Location: YUGEN Gallery

How to make a reservation: TOL reservation site

Sunday, June 9th: [Vivian Sato] 6/9/2024 "Proof of Absence" Exhibition Aura Portraits | tol
Sunday, June 16th: [Vivian Sato] 6/16/2024 "Proof of Absence" Exhibition Aura Portraits | tol


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We have published an exclusive interview article with Vivienne Sato.
She studied architecture, is a drag queen and a film critic. She is also an activist and contemporary artist who revitalizes society. Vivienne Sato's exhibition "Proof of Absence," which does not leave the site in one place, is like a mystery where many elements are intertwined in layers. We asked her about the message that is conveyed in the exhibition.

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Vivienne Sato
Artist, writer, non-architect, drag queen.

He analyzes across genres with his own unique perspective. In addition to creating works, he develops his own artistic critiques of film, video, theater, architecture, cities, etc., with a focus on "contemporaneity". He works as part of the model team at Arata Isozaki's atelier. He holds head dress production workshops all over Japan, and has provided works for displays at BARNEYS NEW YORK, VEUVE CLICQUOT, LANVIN, MILKFED, and others. He is also actively involved in regional revitalization activities as a town revitalization consultant, Onomichi Tourism Ambassador, and other activities nationwide. Affiliated talent with Sun Music. Visiting professor at Taisho University. Exhibitions 2017-2024 Group exhibition "Yashiki no Mori Art Exhibition + Yashiki no Mori Children's Painting Exhibition" at Ikeda Memorial Museum of Art, Niigata Prefecture 2021-2024 Solo exhibition "Vivienne Sato Exhibition" at ART&MUSICBAR Hoshio, Tokyo 2022 "ART THINKING WEEK 2022 - The Future of Pretending" at Shibuya QWS, Tokyo



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