Masahito Hiranuma / Yoko Ayukawa “#punk #rock #art #life” Exhibition

Masahito Hiranuma / Yoko Ayukawa “#punk #rock #art #life” Exhibition

2022.02.26(Sat) – 2022.03.06(Sun)

YUGEN Gallery will hold a joint exhibition "#punk #rock #art #life" by Yoko Ayukawa and Masahito Hiranuma from Saturday, February 26, 2022 to Sunday, March 6, 2022. .

Yoko Ayukawa has created many works that are characterized by vivid colors and a bottomlessly bright world view. Masahito Hiranuma is actively presenting works that directly hit what he feels. This time, we will exhibit and sell about 20 works including new works created by these two geniuses.

Works on display


《Wandering cat》
Yoko Ayukawa

《series FASHION / ROCK STAR No.08》

《Golden Eye》
Yoko Ayukawa

《series FASHION / ROCK STAR No.10》

Yoko Ayukawa

*Some of the works on display are subject to change. please note that.

Statement <Yoko Ayukawa>

This time I focused on life and painted it.
I tried to draw the traces left on every wall and wall in the human world by people colliding with each other and bursting energy.
I feel a sense of blockage due to the coronavirus, and the world has a dark atmosphere, but I hope that everyone in the world will be able to shine with the power that people inherently have in many colors. .

Statement <Hiranuma Masahito>

The reason why I started to draw series FASHION is that I was fascinated and moved by the small oil paintings of many masters.
Many of their small works are sketches before painting large works, but the energy of the brush lines that are directly inserted in them stimulates my sensibility.

When you have sex, go out of your way to think that this is the ideal sex. Instead of being satisfied with having sex, do what you want directly and instinctively seek her out, love her, and touch the other person's heart as your heart desires. i want to have sex It is more interesting to seek and give each other SEX as you want.

I paint like this.
I am fascinated by its charm.
Draw what you want.

After all, it is more attractive to express the inner side as it is than to dress up the surface, and it stimulates my sensibility.
Dressing up the inside is FASHION and ROCK. PUNK is the cutting edge. EROS floating there. I love that feeling.

Visual book "#punk #rock #art #life"

We are distributing a visual book of the "#punk #rock #art #life" exhibition as a special gift for visitors.
This is a privilege only for those who have answered the questionnaire below and visited the gallery. Please feel free to reply.
*The questionnaire has been closed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Recording artist: Masahito Hiranuma / Yoko Ayukawa
B4 size / 20 pages / Price 1,650 yen (tax included)

Masahito Hiranuma


Masahito Hiranuma / Born in 1962. While working on the selection of music for the Paris Tokyo Collection and the stage sound for theatrical performances, he began to create paintings in search of his own expression. In 1990, he went to France and made his debut in 1994 at "PROCREART" in Paris. Based in Paris, he explores his own style. Since returning to Japan in 1998, he has been actively engaged in solo exhibitions, starting with a solo exhibition in Yokohama.

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Yoko Ayukawa


Active in various fields such as a painter, model, and DJ. Born as the eldest twin daughter of Sheena & Rockets member Makoto Ayukawa and Sheena, she appeared in many magazines as a fashion model after graduating from high school. He has also been active overseas at the Chanel Paris Collection. After exhibiting his paintings in 2017, he started full-scale activities as a painter. Actively participating in the Isetan Shinjuku store in 2018 and the WAVE exhibition in 2022, and producing collaborative products.

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exhibition period

2022.02.26(Sat) - 2022.03.06(Sun)


YUGEN Gallery


Token International Building 3F, 2-12-19 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Opening hours

Weekdays: 14:00 - 19:00
Saturdays and Sundays: 13:00 - 19:00
*Ends at 17:00 on the last day only

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*Please note that the exhibition period and opening hours may change without notice depending on the situation.