NaQstoeru.mjk exhibition

NaQstoeru.mjk exhibition "Savor"

2023.04.22(Sat) – 2023.04.27(Thu)

YUGEN Gallery will hold NaQstoeru.mjk's solo exhibition "Savor" from Saturday, April 22nd to Thursday, April 27th, 2023.

everyday fragrance. capture the moment

A fantasy world with comical elements hidden in disturbing tones. NaQstoeru.mjk (hereinafter mjk), who is not only a painter but also has talent in various fields such as interior design and fashion, celebrated its 10th anniversary with an exhibition "Savor" consisting only of newly drawn works.

The title, which means scent, was inspired by the lingering scent of passing people and the scent that wafts from the places you visit, which brings back memories. 14 paintings were released, depicting moments when scents bring back memories, as if pressing the shutter of a camera.

“Moments of movement, such as talking to someone, sitting down and lighting a cigarette.

The motif he consistently draws is a chair and boy-like character "sati". A chair is an indispensable tool for mjk's work and life, as he likes furniture and even when painting, he hangs his canvas on a chair instead of an easel. Sometimes it's good to feel loved like a four-legged animal, and I see it as a fantasy that stands on the extension of everyday life. This time, I asked a furniture craftsman to produce the chair I drew in the work. It will be exhibited along with painting works.

“Furniture is something that fits in with the space, but how you receive it changes depending on the mood of the day or the light that shines into the room.

“In the atelier now, there is a lot of light in the morning, and there are colors that can only be seen with natural light. But also

Everyday life changes with the sunlight that shines into the atelier. Using acrylic paints and sprays, mjk combines warm and cold colors in a restrained way, connecting images such as music, skateboards, and architecture to create fantasies. It is meant to attract the essence of beauty in life.

Daily life descending into the depth of creation

Satie, a fictitious character who has been drawing since the beginning of her creative activities, admits that ``I may unintentionally reveal my inner self,'' but clearly denies that she is the motif. However, after 10 years of drawing, he says, "It's time to focus on what kind of existence (for me)."

In this exhibition, there are also works drawn by zooming in on a part of the work he has worked on so far, and it can be positioned as an exploration of the background of mjk's creation over 10 years.

“I’ve always drawn motifs without changing, but in the early days it was more abstract or felt like I was running the brush with momentum. I want to control and express the rough parts of the early days.”

Gustave Flaubert, a French writer, said, "If you live a regular life like a bourgeoisie, you can write wild and original things." Wild creativity as an artist Asking mjk also completes the work in that way.

“Drawing is a calm time. Even the music played as background music is slow. Playing a fast-tempo song will make a lot of mistakes. It will never be completed.”

Colors that can be said to be mysterious are born in response to images that spring up like a jazz session. A line that makes you feel the musicality that makes you feel fantastic with just a monotonous riff. The style of mjk is the one that faces the irreplaceable daily life as if stamping it.

Seeking beauty in nameless life

Today, everything has been symbolized. I have a feeling that the real world will increasingly be dominated by symbols and data. It can be said that the sorrowful atmosphere in mjk's screens reflects the anxiety of consumers who may become slaves to sharpening technology.

In recent years, which is said to be the most revolutionary period since the industrial revolution, many artists, not only young artists, try to express themselves using traditional and physical methods, which seems to be a practice to find the beauty of living humanely.

As has been the case with many pop cultures, simulationism (mimicry) such as comics and graffiti art has emerged as an art that has become fragmented and overly ideological, and as a way of raising the issue of uniqueness and existence in modern society. Did. It is once again gaining strength as a realistic method.

Fantasy as the originality and means of living humanly. In order to recapture the lost beauty that arises from an unnamed life, mjk draws fantasy while basking in the morning sun and twilight.

Works on display

*Some of the works on display are subject to change. please note that.

About work sales

At the same time as the exhibition is held, it will be possible to view and purchase the works on the YUGEN Gallery official online store.

Information on visitor benefits

An original art book will be presented free of charge only to those who have answered the questionnaire form at the time of visit.
This is an original art book only for this exhibition, in which the exhibited works and the exhibition statement are compiled in one volume.

NaQstoeru.mjk exhibition "Savor" art book
Recording artist: NaQstoeru.mjk
B4 variant / List price 1,650 yen (tax included)

*Please note that the design of the art book is subject to change.



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Naxtoel MJK / Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
Began expression activities in 2010, and began full-scale painting in 2013. In the same year, he held his first solo exhibition. Currently based in Tokyo, in addition to painting such as product packaging, artwork for CD jackets, and mural paintings for stores, he is also involved in product planning such as apparel and accessories.

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exhibition period

2023.04.22 (Sat) - 2023.04.27 (Thu)


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