Kubomi Solo Exhibition

Kubomi Solo Exhibition "0.0006667 Roots"

2023.09.09(Sat) – 2023.09.14(Thu)

During the period from September 9th, 2023 (Saturday) to September 5th, 2023 (Thursday), YUGEN Gallery will host the solo exhibition "0.0006667 Roots" by kubomi.

Capturing the primal energy of nature

This exhibition features the artwork of kubomi, an artist who captures the primal energy of nature through her paintings. Her works evoke a sense of the mass and brushstroke traces of paint, resembling marbled patterns. These patterns twist and turn, taking on forms reminiscent of swirling elements and flora and fauna. Amidst the glistening sunlight, kubomi skillfully expresses the process of life's existence, from its inception to eventual decay, within a single canvas.

She creates abstract depictions of nature’s primitive energy by digitally incorporating hand-drawn analog artwork and blending it with various materials such as abstract paintings and photographs.

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, in 1993, kubomi's early exposure to watercolor painting through her grandfather's hobby and her father's work in publishing influenced her passion for art from a young age. While initially pursuing studies to enter an art university, her perspective shifted during her high school years when she was profoundly moved by collections from fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.

Discovering that clothing, previously regarded as mere everyday items, could be a form of "wearable art" ignited her interest in the world of fashion. As she built her career, eventually becoming the chief designer for a brand with global aspirations, kubomi's experiences in fashion played a pivotal role in shaping her commitment to creating "art close to life" rather than exclusively displaying her works in museums.

Kubomi had a deep fascination with flora and fauna, often replicating illustrations from field guides during her childhood. Her encounter with the world of flowers as an artist is etched vividly in her memory:

"When I tried to move an anemone placed by the window at home, I was struck by the sight of its petals scattering. The western sunlight illuminated the remaining stem, and it appeared so strangely and charmingly."

At that moment, she impulsively started drawing with the paint and paper she had at hand, and from then on, flowers became a significant motif in her art. Natural phenomena, not crafted by human hands, appear in different forms depending on time, place, and the observer. Sensing the soul and energy inherent in nature, kubomi was born as an artist. This memory nurtured her artistic journey.

Blending the colors of consciousness and unconsciousness

 Memory serves as the foundation of life, the roots of existence, and the theme of her exhibition "0.0006667." In observing cellular and chromosomal movements and structures under a microscope, a magnification of over 1,500 times is required. The number 0.0006667, calculated as 1 ÷ 1,500, symbolically encompasses meanings like "origin," "birthplace," and "roots."

All living beings, as well as all matter, possess conscious memories and memories etched in DNA. These memories converge, shaping their forms, and as memories refresh, change and evolution occur. This theme, encapsulated in the phrase "everything is memory," is expressed through approximately 10 new and previous artworks.

Kubomi, primarily known for analog paintings using paint, has recently ventured into mixed-media techniques. This method combines hand-drawn images with digitally enhanced, richly colored abstract paintings, representing a significant evolution for an artist who predominantly worked with monochromatic palettes.
In this exhibition, she significantly expands her color palette from her previous works, presenting pieces that explore multifaceted themes. One standout piece, "Massive Awake," briefly showcased only on social media, is the largest artwork kubomi has created to date and serves as a highlight of this exhibition.

The interplay of colors on a grand scale evokes the dynamism of life and becomes the cornerstone of kubomi's future expressions. While she has previously presented individual works in group exhibitions, this solo exhibition is noteworthy for being the first to feature a full lineup of mixed-media artworks.

The hope of etching into memory

Even from the same seedlings, flowers never bloom in exactly the same color. The environment, with elements like sunlight, sky hues, and soil, becomes conscious and unconscious memory, blending into the unseen, giving rise to colors and forms. Layering marble patterns and background colors is a depiction of the cycle of ecological energy. Through mixed-media works, kubomi delves deeper into the themes she pursues.

"When I paint, what feels right to me are the colors that blend in indefinable ways. Even a red tulip is mottled, and shining red light on the skin reveals neither skin color nor pure red but a third color. So, when I paint, I lean toward abstract colors. That, to me, is the interpretation of nature."

For her, the beauty of a flower extends beyond its full bloom to its withering moments. Her art embraces the "aesthetics of fading." She seeks to find beauty in the eternal process that transitions from life to death, from consciousness to the unconscious.

Our existence and perspectives are in constant flux, blending and mixing, never settling into a single shade. Human empathy is a delicate thing. Truth perpetually eludes us in the hues of sunlight, glimmers, and the fluctuating air. We spend our lifetimes in the pursuit of understanding.

Yet, there is no despair. Preserving memories serves as a clue to comprehension beyond empathy, where the touch of truth resides. Just as kubomi witnessed the beauty in the moment when petals fell.

Exhibition Works

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Residing in Kanagawa Prefecture, kubomi is a graduate of the Apparel Design program at the Bunka Fashion College. Her journey as an artist began in 2018, and since then, she has been actively engaged in various artistic endeavors. This includes creating interior designs for stores, collaborating with apparel brands, and crafting artwork for album covers.


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