Sakkarani Ai Solo Exhibition “Life”

Sakkarani Ai Solo Exhibition “Life”

2023.09.02(Sat) – 2023.09.07(Thu)

YUGEN Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition "Life" by Saccalani Ito from September 2nd (Sat) to September 7th (Thu), 2023.

Art born from everyday life

Strong brush strokes and thickly applied paint. Itoshi Sakkarani is an abstract painter who liberates her sensibility and paints abstract paintings using an automatistic method in which even the artist himself cannot predict the finished form. A solo exhibition "Life" that works of art are born from a modest life spent with family and friends. About 10 paintings including 150 paintings that I have never tried before will be exhibited.

In addition to abstract expressions, Saccalani is also involved in numerous commission works, such as delicate sketches that expand the imagination of the viewer like illustrations in picture books, and pop illustrations that are reminiscent of anime works.Ai was born in Tokyo in 1987. . With diverse roots in England, India, and Okinawa, I grew up in a constantly changing environment, receiving education at both an international school and a public school in Japan.

“Humans live their lives by accumulating information in their bodies, including the region and climate in which they were born and raised, the people they meet, and the genes they have inherited.”

Influenced by his father, who enjoyed oil painting as a hobby, he became familiar with painting from an early age. The wind, the scent of the trees, the cityscape, and the words and time spent with my family. The diverse and layered scenery that cannot be understood at first glance becomes a memory, and constitutes the human mind and body. It is Saccalani's conviction that beautiful art can be created by living an irreplaceable daily life.

draw with sensory thinking

“Flowers are alive and have their own circumstances. My expression is to mix the works in a way that they interact with each other.Creation is a dialogue between the artist and the work itself, and it is like a phenomenon that changes with each other.”

For example, in "2021.No.14 Dream of a Rotating Fetus," there are backgrounds reminiscent of a vast galaxy, static objects with pale colors and splashes of paint, color spots resembling flowers, and scraping movements with a sense of flesh. The world is unfolding in which the likes are competing against each other, and the pixel pattern that appears from the bug that occurs in the computer is drawn.

Sakkarani says that he has been helped by many things and people around him in his life. The artist captures the colors of the unimaginable that pass through the body, and releases them into a four-dimensional world away from the earth. You will feel the synchronization and get the immersive feeling of jumping into the screen.

Create Existence, Accept Existence

Abstract expressionism, represented by Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, spread from the end of World War II to the 1950s. In an era of economic prosperity, Saccarani's free-spirited works were born in America, where there is no tradition or history like in Europe. I feel," he says.

"2023.No.4" is a two-page work of F100 that was exhibited at Yotsuya Art Drops, an art space in Yotsuya, Tokyo in March this year. The life force overflows from the screen like a swell of natural energy, and the round pixels are shown like the sparkle of the surface of the water and the boundary between reality. While recognizing the fulfillment and maturity of his recent work, which has been truly lively and energetic, he will work on further scaled-up production in order to work on a "horsepower" work that eliminates technical and artificial things.

"The beauty of the sea and the moon. It's not that the meaning precedes it, it just exists. If you try to apply a meaning to the beauty of that existence, it will not be natural. I just want to create existence. ”

It is said that the vast canvas has such a presence that it can be said to be a work even when nothing is drawn. When were you born, who did you meet, what kind of words do you exchange, and where are you going? Saccalani, who finds positive significance in life's chances. An expression of love. Accept and let go of all things as they are, just as you once saw the landscape from the roof of your home.

Works on display

*Some of the works on display are subject to change. please note that.

About work sales

At the same time as the exhibition is held, it will be possible to view and purchase the works on the YUGEN Gallery official online store.

Information on visitor benefits

An original art book will be presented free of charge only to those who have answered the questionnaire form at the time of visit.
This is an original art book only for this exhibition, in which the exhibited works and the exhibition statement are compiled in one volume.

Saccarani Love "Life" Art Book
Recording artist: Sakkarani Ai
B4 variant / List price 1,650 yen (tax included)

*Please note that the design of the art book is subject to change.

saccharani love

Born in Tokyo in 1987. painter. Influenced by graffiti art when he was a student, he started his creative activities after working on event posters and flyers. In addition to presenting his works as an artist, he also collaborates with apparel manufacturers, creates paintings for shops and public spaces, and does a lot of commercial work such as logo design for companies. In addition, it is active without borders with the creative curry shop "ONE TWO CURRY TOKYO" that is open irregularly.

exhibition period

2023.09.02 (Sat ) - 2023.09.07 (Thu)


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