Shinya Yoshida

Shinya Yoshida
Shinya Yoshida

Yoshida Shinya / Born in Aomori Prefecture in 1994. Graduated from Akita Prefectural University of Art, majoring in visual arts. Completed the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts. Awards include the Tokyo University of the Arts Museum Purchase Award (Toward Springtime, 2021). Currently based in Hiroshima Prefecture.

2021 "11 Stories about Distance: Japanese Contemporary Art" sponsored by the Japan Foundation

"RESISTERE/RINASCERE" at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Italy (organized by L'AltroGiappone)

2022: Hiroshima, Tamentai Gallery Tsurumicho Lab "Discourse of Walking" (two-person exhibition with Hirai Toki)

Aomori Contemporary Art Center "Things that envelop death"

2023-2024 Reflecting Hiroshima "Correspondence" (Workshop series)

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