Kiyohide Hori Kiyohide Hori

Kiyohide Hori
Kiyohide Hori

Photographer. Born in Aichi Prefecture. Became interested in photography after working part-time at a design office while attending Meiji University. Studied at ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York in 1991 and began producing his own work. After returning to Japan in 1997, he worked in culture and fashion magazines, photographing artists, and advertising. He also has experience as a part-time university lecturer and lecturer, and is currently active mainly in portrait photography, based on his own work.


2017, nagune "re;HOWL" in Shinjuku Golden Gai, Tokyo

2022 Tokyo, Chanel Nexus Hall "RED"

2023 Nagano EDISTORIAL STORE "Love and coughs cannot be hidden"

2024 Tokyo, Shinjuku Golden Gai nagune ";the time in the time in the time, time"


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