gloomy and happy

Yuki Nishimoto is one of the artists currently attracting attention from around the world, with his work being used as visual images at global sporting events. He has become known for his dynamic brushwork and expressions with sports motifs, but he also works on classical motifs such as dragons and tigers as well as landscape paintings, and since 2016 he has been working on ceramic art, painting on ceramic boards. We are expanding the expressive realm of sumi-e by taking on the challenge of ``ceramic ink painting,'' which is a fusion of sumi-e.

This is a work with 6 ceramic plates .

《Work poem》

My heart flutters every day we're together. I'm filled with the joy of the moments when we meet each other. Even if I can't see the future, I won't be afraid even if the time comes when we'll be apart. Love the throbbing in my heart. The mist that wraps around me wets my body. The heat in my heart turns into a mist, and everything clears up with the light of dawn and becomes a refreshing breeze caressing my skin.

《Parental translation/story of poetry》

Even though you thought you would always be together, the sudden separation comes as a sadness that cannot be resisted. Even though we were friends, if we were placed in an environment where we couldn't see the future together, our way of thinking would change. The way you feel, the way you feel happy, and the way you smile will change. But when that time comes, there's no need to be afraid. The pain and suffering are proof that you love the other person. Because you know the other person's goodness, because you respect the other person's wonderfulness, and because you are grateful for the other person, you will not force the sadness that comes out to go away. Let's enjoy it to the fullest. Let's keep loving until the time comes when it feels like a refreshing breeze. That love will become your personality, envelop the world, and help the weak.

Size 70.5cm x 81cm x 5.0cm
Material pottery, glaze
Production Year 2021
Regular price
¥1,650,000 (tax included)
Sale price
¥1,650,000 (tax included)
Regular price


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